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Park City Home Audio – Bring The Theater to Your Home!

Enjoy the Surround Sound Experience!

The fully-immersive experience of a movie theater isn’t just for the public. Now, you can bring the same audio experience to your home! We are a professional home theater installer and can help you pick out seating, the best HD screen, and even design a custom Park City home audio system for your space. You’ll enjoy movies and music like never before!

Talk with one of our audio specialists about a custom audio system for you.

Custom-Designed Park City Home Audio

We help you get the most efficient use out of your space. We can design an audio system that streams across your whole house, your porch, patio, and even your backyard! Our experience includes:

  • Home theaters
  • Sound automation
  • Streaming audio
  • Multi-user audio
  • Whole house sound

Control4 Automation

In addition to helping you design and install a custom Park City home audio system, we can also integrate your showers, lighting, heating, A/C, and more under the touch of a button. We are certified Control4 Automation specialists. Control4 Automation gives you total control of every feature of your home from a single, streamlined interface.

Experienced Installation Team

We are your home automation specialists for a reason! We have over 2 decades of experience in both residential and commercial markets. From structured cabling to home theater installation to training facility setup, we have completed numerous projects across the Wasatch Front. Our experts bring your big ideas to life.

We utilize a variety of trusted brands, including: Samsung, Sharp, JVC Professional, AVPro, Electrolux, Denon, Sony, and more. We promise that you will love how your home turns out! A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included on all of our work.

Call us at 801-367-3407 today to get a free estimate on your Park City home audio! We’d love to hear about your project.

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